Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) Office

In alignment with the strategic missions of state agencies, ADOA-ASET develops and executes the statewide information technology strategy, as well as provides capabilities, services and infrastructure to ensure the continuity of mission critical and essential systems for the state of Arizona. The goal of ADOA-ASET is to transform Arizona into a nationwide leader of advanced IT strategies, methodologies, services and business processes. By leveraging technology as a catalyst for state reform ADOA-ASET enables efficient, innovative and sustainable services.

ADOA-ASET sets the technology, security, privacy, and communication strategies, policies, and procedures for the state of Arizona. In addition, it is the body responsible for monitoring and overseeing high-risk technology projects across all state agencies and managing large, state–wide programs and initiatives such as Digital Government, the Health Information Exchange, 911 and Digital Arizona.

In addition, ADOA-ASET manages critical operations and state services including the State telecommunications and data network, the State Data Center and disaster recovery. Other services offered by ADOA-ASET include application design, architecture and integration, process automation and business intelligence.

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