AZ Financial Information System

The Arizona Financial Information Systems (AFIS) is the official accounting system and system of record for the State of Arizona’s fiscal information. AFIS is a mainframe application, utilizing Cobol, CICS, and Datacom. Open systems integration is supported via Hostbridge product functionality.

General Accounting Office (GAO) is the owner of AFIS, and is responsible for AFIS data accuracy. AFIS Technical Support team is responsible for AFIS data integrity, application support, and application modifications/enhancements.

All State Agencies must process their accounting data in AFIS. Many agencies utilize interfaces from their accounting systems to record accounting activities in AFIS, and receive extract files from AFIS to integrate into their accounting systems.

AFIS Technical Support administers close to 300 interface files to support agency data requirements.

AFIS Technical Support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AFIS Technical Support encompasses management, quality assurance, and programmer/analyst functions. Any AFIS modification, requires adherence to strict QA procedures. These procedures are audited yearly by the State of Arizona’s Office of the Auditor General.

Our goal is to create an environment where AFIS changes and enhancements are completed accurately and efficiently.


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