End User Support Services

End User Support Services

This dynamic team is responsible for trouble shooting and resolving issues for ADOA and several external agencies, helping with PC refresh and managing PC maintenance.  In addition they also facilitate and assist with the surplus of older equipment and customized training on most software applications.

Development of procedures for:

  • Virus protection

  • Implementation of security patches

  • Asset management

  • Replacement plan

  • Attracting New Customers

Troubleshooting and resolving issues:  

  • E-mail

  • Hardware

  • Network

  • Software

  • Printers (local and networked)

  • Connectivity Issues

  • Loaded software

Help with PC Refresh:

  • Managing the refresh project

  • Recovering data from dying PC’s

  • Encrypting Laptops and Thumb Drives

  • Setting up new workstations, laptops and Printers (local and networked)

  • Transferring files from the old computers

PC Maintenance:

  • Track down hardware problems

  • Troubleshoot software problems

  • Install new hardware

  • Update anti-virus and anti-spyware software

  • Remove any viruses and spyware

  • Do preventative maintenance on each computer

  • Train employees on how to avoid viruses and spyware

  • Train employees to be more productive using the software on their computers

  • Upgrade the existing system

  • Set up new workstations and laptops

  • Transfer files from old computer

  • Encrypt laptops and thumb drives

  • Review and install software upgrades/updates 

Other Services we offer:

  • Surplus old computer equipment. We will certify all data media is wiped to state standards.

  • E-Mail: Transition you over to ADOA’s Exchange Server and move you off of PoP Mail to be in compliance with the Governor’s initiative to move everyone off of PoP Mail on to .gov

  • Customized training with groups or individuals on most software applications.