Enterprise Architecture

The State of Arizona’s Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Enterprise Architecture (EA) describes a comprehensive framework for information technology and business that supports the Arizona State government strategic plan. EA facilitates the application of information technology (IT) to business initiatives and objectives and aids subsequent change in an orderly, efficient manner by describing a direction for current and future activities, supported by underlying principles, standards, and best practices.

EA effectively supports and enhances the business of government and improves the ability to deliver responsive, cost-effective government functions and services. Effective utilization of technology to achieve business functions and services, increasing citizen access to those services, sharing information and resources at all levels of government, and maximizing investment in IT resources are major motivating factors for the development and implementation of EA.

Statewide IT Policies, Standards, and Procedures (PSPs) are the means of applying EA to technology direction and decisions for the State. Adopting Statewide IT PSPs for EA capitalizes on an existing process that is already well defined to enable the orderly innovation, adoption, and implementation of technology throughout the State. The Statewide IT PSPs provide flexibility while at the same time ensuring compatibility across the enterprise. Resulting use of underlying technologies and products adhering to these PSPs enhances government services, promotes e-government solutions, improves productivity and performance, reduces total cost of ownership and optimizes economies of scale through interoperability, portability, scalability, and the sharing of resources.