ASET is responsible for developing strategies and deploying accessible, reliable and cost-effective e-government services to Arizona government entities. A full complement of services is available to meet the requirements of large and small agencies.

The centerpiece of ASET's e-government service offering is the State of Arizona web portal, With oversight and management provided by ASET, the State web portal provides application development, web site development, hosting, disaster recovery and support services for State and local government agencies. Additional ASET e-government services include e-government readiness consultation, extensive webmaster tools, .gov domain registration and a Notice of Intent (NOI) approval process for agency web-based initiatives.

State of Arizona Web Portal

The State of Arizona Web Portal,, is an award-winning web site providing citizens, businesses and other government entities with faster, easier and more intuitive access to government. In addition to providing a convenient one stop access to government information the State web portal provides custom application development, web site development, hosting, disaster recovery and support services for State and local government agencies. Through a unique funding model the portal is often able to underwrite the costs associated with these services. Approximately 35 agencies, boards and commissions utilize at least one service offered by the portal. The portal is a key enabler to accelerate and enhance the on-line presence of any agency. Applications specializing in the following disciplines have been developed and deployed.

  • Licensing and permitting
  • Inter/intra-governmental data sharing
  • Public access to government information
  • Core utility services such as:
    • Credit card processing capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with the State accounting system,
    • A secure access control component that supports easily integrates with almost any web-based application and,
    • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) processing
These and other infrastructure components provide agencies with the ability to develop applications without the additional development and maintenance costs associated with such services. This common infrastructure simplifies the development, implementation and maintenance of online services - ultimately resulting in costs-savings to agencies. The State has selected NIC, Inc ( to manage the web portal under contract EPS070078-1-A1. The web portal contract provides a solid foundation for agencies to deliver leading e-government applications and services to their constituents.

Using the Contract:

  1. The agency contacts the State Web Portal Manager to discuss contract applicability for the request,
  2. A requirements review is conducted:
    1. Meet with the agency customer,
    2. identify and clarify the requirements
  3. NIC issues a project charter:
    1. Identify costs (if any), hours, roles, deliverables, etc.
    2. Obtain approval from Agency and ASET.
  4. Work begins!