Leadership Bios

State CIO Aaron Sandeen

Aaron Sandeen, Arizona State Chief Information Officer and Deputy Director

Aaron Sandeen is a visionary executive-level leader with over 17 years in technology.  Serving as the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Deputy Director of the Department of Administration (ADOA), he oversees the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) office where he is responsible for leading the state’s technology vision and strategy.

With a distinctive mix of private and public sector experience, Aaron was appointed by Governor Janice K. Brewer.  As the State CIO, he drives the continuity of mission critical and essential systems to over 130 state agencies with over 31,000 state employees.  Leading the ASET office, he is responsible for defining and executing the states strategic IT plan and setting the strategic direction for the efficient delivery of state-wide information technology (IT). 

Prior to his appointment, Aaron gained valuable state experience at the Governor’s office in varying leadership roles where he successfully led key initiatives in technology, economic recovery, health information exchange, and campaign propositions.

Preceding his work with the state, Aaron obtained a solid technology foundation and efficient business processes from working at industry leaders such as Intel, Microsoft, Syntellect, and UnitedHealth Group.  With a technology focus he worked in the areas of engineering, training, marketing, and project management.  This extensive experience gives him a unique perspective and aids his vision of leapfrogging capabilities to transform state government.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Operations from DeVry University.


Philip Manfredi, Chief Strategy Officer and Deputy State Chief Information Officer

Phil Manfredi is an innovative strategic leader with over 12 years of experience leading and executing new teams and initiatives.  As the Chief Strategy Officer for the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) office and Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO), Phil is in charge of communicating and executing the technology vision and strategy for the state of Arizona.

In support of the statewide strategic IT plan, Phil manages the Strategic Transformation & Innovation (STI) team in ASET.  STI sets the technology, security, privacy, and communication strategies, policies, and procedures for the state of Arizona. In addition, it is the body responsible for monitoring and overseeing high-risk technology projects across all state agencies and managing large, state –wide programs and initiatives such as E-Government, the Health Information Exchange, 911, and Digital Arizona.

Prior to joining the state, Phil gained technology experience in sales, marketing and client relations.  His broad technical and business background, including executive-level roles in customer service, product management, professional services, and business development, brings to the state an individual who embraces a holistic approach to its long-term strategy and vision. 

Phil is certified in Pragmatic Marketing.  He holds a M.B.A. in global business from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in music education from The University of Texas at Austin. 

Kiran Chinnagangannagari, Chief Technology Officer

Kiran Chinnagangannagari is a results-driven leader.  With a blend of technical expertise and business acumen, he has over 13 years of experience leading teams successfully to improve information technology (IT) performance.    As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) office, Kiran is focused on improving business processes and leveraging technology to create a more efficient, innovative, and sustainable organization.

Carrying out the State’s Strategic IT Plan, Kiran is driven to lead his team to efficiently deliver IT services to the more than 130 state agencies with over 31,000 state employees.  His team responsibilities include, but are not limited to, application design, architecture and integration, process automation, business intelligence, professional services and he serves as the liaison between the strategic and operational groups.

Kiran started with the state as IT Manager and his customer-centric approach comes from the valuable perspective and understanding he gained in this role.  Prior to joining the state, he successfully led and managed large scale projects, directed operations of global programs, and headed application architecture design and development.

Kiran has a Master’s in industrial engineering with specialization in information systems from Wayne State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from Osmania University in India.

Gary Hensley, Chief Networking Officer

Gary Hensley is a strategic leader in telecommunications and brings over 30 years of industry experience.  As the Chief Networking Officer for the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) office Gary is responsible for program management, contract oversight, and enforcement of the state’s outsourced voice and data services affecting over 31,000 state employees.  Gary is focused on leveraging technologies to better support customers and ultimately the citizens of the State of Arizona. 

Before coming to the state, Gary gained breadth and depth within the telecommunications industry.  Working with industry leaders he gained experience in planning, designing, and engineering both copper and fiber based services.  Gary also possesses an extensive background in vendor management and leading operational teams industry wide.  His experience and leadership drives his long term vision of setting the state’s telecommunication standards and offering efficient cost effective voice and network services. 

Donald Hennington, Chief Operating Officer

Donald Hennington is an imaginative leader responsible for Arizona’s State Data Center (SDC).  As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Arizona State Enterprise Technology (ASET) office he is responsible for operations, support services, facilities management, disaster recovery, and infrastructure transformation.

Don drives improvement in quality and increases the effectiveness of government through a customer centric approach maximizing the use of shared information and technology.  The data center facility he manages provides technical support for over 130 state entities, in the areas of computer operations for mainframe and open systems, help desk, and print services.

Holding positions of increasing responsibility throughout his career, Don has more than 30 years of information technology experience.  Working with industry leaders such as IBM and Mutual of America, Don has acquired over 15 years of experience in global information systems management, multiple location management, and system implementation and integration.  His extensive knowledge in data center operations, project management, data and process analysis drives him to continually research new ways of conducting business, providing service, and better supporting our customers and the citizens of Arizona.

Don holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and Organizational Development from Mount Olive College.

Mike Lettman, Chief Information Security Officer

Mike Lettman is a recognized technology leader with over 28 years of experience in government information, security and technology. As the State Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), he provides strategic direction for information security to over 130 public agencies.  With a focus on statewide enterprise and standardization efforts, Mike leads the Security, Privacy and Risk team for the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) Office.  With alignment to the State’s Strategic IT Plan, he ensures and enhances the State of Arizona’s security and safety.

Mike’s responsibilities include identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining processes across the State to reduce IT risks.  He is responsible for incident response, establishing appropriate standards and controls, and directing the establishment and implementation of policies and procedures. Mike is also instrumental in building relationships with a variety of partners including the MS-ISAC, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI.

Prior to his work for the State of Arizona, Mike served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the State of Wisconsin and previously as the Chief Technical Officer for the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Justice. In addition, he was the State of Wisconsin’s advocate for security awareness representing a variety of industry committees including Wisconsin’s Cyber Terrorism task force.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin and remains an active member of the Arizona Fusion Center and the co-chair of the Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) SCADA work group.